Henan Hotel

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Henan Hotel was founded in 1915, formerly known as “Henan Inn”, called “Henan Grand Inn”. It has a long history, from the period of the Republic of China to before the change of the capital from Kaifeng to Zhengzhou, Henan Hotel was known as “The First Hotel in Central Plains”. At that time, there was one main building and three yards, four levels of guest rooms. In the east yard, Henan Hotel was equipped with spring bed, desk, sofa, toilet, and bathroom, electric bell and the decoration level of facilities in the Henan Province ranked No 1, mainly for the chief political celebrities, rich businessman and other rich people. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese invaded Kaifeng and drove all staff in Henan Hotel away, then renamed after “the Empire Hotel”. After the victory of the war, it was restored and named Henan Hotel which still worked for political leaders, social celebrities. In the early days after foundation, Kaifeng was the capital of Henan Province. It became the main hotel for all kinds of meetings. The First People’s Congress in Henan Province was held in Henan Hotel. Henan Hotel and the Great Jin Tai Hotel located in the Drum Tower Street were the two pearls from west to east in Kaifeng City at that time. After the reform and opening-up policy, Henan Hotel was rebuilt according to the foreign-related three-star standard. And now it provides catering, accommodation, bathing, entertainment, tourism and the second, third floor named as “You Yi Xin” as the one hundred years old hotel which is equipped with high-grade dining room, the banquet hall capable of holding more than 600 dinners and offers classic cuisine, Kaifeng delicate food, Bianliang flavor food, and other cuisines as auxiliary so as to promote Kaifeng food culture vigorously and make great efforts to set up new catering brand. Henan Hotel possesses 112 standard rooms;10 luxury suites; large, medium, small sized conference rooms; bath center; recreation center and advanced hotel management of electronic monitoring system, the virtual network, broadband access to ensure you can enjoy your business or sightseeing travel in Kaifeng city. Henan Hotel has become a bright pearl in the hotel industry in Kaifeng.