Jinyuan Hyatt Hotel

From:network    Time:16-07-01

Jinyuan Hyatt Hotel is a foreign-related business hotel which provides accommodation, catering, conference, entertainment and other functions. Excellent facilities, elegant surroundings and warm services welcome your arrival. The hotel is located in the city’s downtown area of Kaifeng, next to Lord Bao Lake, Lord Bao Mansion and Kaifeng Mansion. From the distinctive luxury viewing rooms, you can see the beautiful scenery of Lord Bao Lake and the majestic Kaifeng Mansion. With a good location and surrounding environment, the hotel provides convenience for your business travel, sightseeing and shopping. The European-style lobby bar offers fashion leisure environment where you can meet new friends, and discuss business. With a cup of fragrant tea and an elegant magazine, meanwhile enjoying your stressful life, you can also appreciate the beautiful scenery of Lord Bao Lake and the majestic Kaifeng Mansion. The Chinese restaurant in Jinyuan Hyatt Hotel can afford 300 people dining at the same time, and the 21 luxury rooms decorated in different styles, provides a variety of gourmet food, which elaborately embodies the fusion of traditional cooking techniques and modern nutritious ideas in the leisure time. Jinyuan Hyatt Hotel has two meeting rooms with different sizes and is equipped with all modern conference facilities, ready to provide excellent and convenient services for your business activities at any moment. Jinyuan Hyatt Hotel Recreation Centre offers tea house, chess room, and beauty salon, where you can choose beauty care and entertainment as you like.