New Century Kaifeng Grand Hotel

From:network    Time:16-07-05

New Century Kaifeng Grand Hotel, invested and managed by the second largest Chinese restaurant group, is the first five-star holiday hotel in central plain. The total construction area of this hotel is 54,000 square meters. It is built on the centre of the 50 acres Jinming Pool and designed by internationally renowned company American WATG, which is responsible for the overall project and landscape concept design. The whole line of the design is concise, fluent, and combining European style with the classic style. Also it inherits former Jin Ming poolside royal house style and represents the modern version of the “Picture of Fighting for the Best in Jin Ming Pool”. The hotel has won the “Asia Hotel Olive Awards-China’s Ten Most Popular Preferred Holiday Hotel”, “China Star Award-China’s Best Design of the Inn Boutique”, “The Second China Hotel Golden Star Award in 2012”.

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