99 Express Hotel(Big Liang Gate Branch)

From:network    Time:16-07-01

99 Express Hotel (Big Liang Gate Branch) is located in Kaifeng city known as “seven dynasties, north water”. There are 6 branches in Kaifeng city with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. It takes 10 minutes’ drive to reach Shan Shan Gan Business Meeting House built in Ming and Qing dynasties and the Great Xiangguo Temple. You can also enjoy Millennium City Park, Drum Tower night market. 99 Express Hotel (Big Liang Gate Branch)  forms a beautiful scenery of the ancient city, where you can enjoy the first-class service, which is a new interpretation of modern life style with wide soft mattress, simple and modern furniture, 24 hours of deep geothermal water supply, air conditioning, television, telephone and free broadband Internet access, large parking lot. 99 Express Hotel makes every guest feel clean, warm, fashionable, pleasurable because we are more professional, cautious, careful.