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The Riverside Scene Park

From:network    Time:16-07-05

The Riverside Scene Park is located to the northwest corner of the city. It was built according to the famous painting “Up the River of the Qingming Festival”,by Zhang Zeduan,a well-known painter in Song Dynasty.The garden area was arranged according to the original layout of the painting,depicting a full picture of the strong local flavor of the ancient capital.It includes restaurants,teahouses and pawnshops,and a display of Kaifeng embroidery,Imperial Kilns and New Year's picture,filk arts,acrobatics and drum dance,fortune-telling and cock games etc.The Riverside Scence Park also provides costumes and currency of the Northern Song style for tourists to enjoy the real life and social customs of those ancient times.There are greeting visitors,Lord Bao greeting visitors,Lord Bao's Inspecting Trip,an Emperor's Royal Trip,Wangyuanwai Recruiting son-in-law,Disturbance of the Execution Ground,Wedding in Sonng Dynasty style ,Dance,Royal Exams and Qigong performance etc.

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